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What is "NewsBreak"?
NewsBreak is a local news app and website with 45 million monthly active users in the US. It provides breaking news, local weather, alerts, deals, events, and more. Anyone can write and publish on NewsBreak through the Contributor Network. Additionally, there is a NewsBreak app available on both the App Store and Google Play. The app provides daily news alerts and updates on current events sent straight to users' phones. NewsBreak started as a weekly print magazine in the Philippines in 2001 but now serves as the investigative and research arm of online news organization Rappler.
DripsAI Analysis

Despite starting as a weekly print magazine, Newsbreak has evolved into an online investigative and research arm of Rappler, a well-known online news organization in the Philippines. The data suggests that there has been a surge in interest in Newsbreak recently, with a peak interest of 100 in March 2023. This indication is expected to continue as the search volumes for Newsbreak and its app demonstrate low competition and a relatively high search volume. While Newsbreak has a stable and steady interest from the Philippines, its popularity is also growing internationally; search terms from countries such as Greece and Bangladesh demonstrate growing interest in Newsbreak in those regions. With its platform's dependence on innovation and technology, Newsbreak is well-positioned for future growth, given the associated search categories and tags that span the digital world.