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What is "Loewe"?
Loewe is a luxury fashion brand founded in Madrid in 1846. They specialize in leather goods, clothing, perfumes, and other fashion accessories for men and women. The brand is known for reinventing craft and leather and is under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson. Loewe is the oldest luxury fashion brand under the LVMH conglomerate since 1996. The brand has a strong online presence and is available through NET-A-PORTER and FWRD. Their latest collections include printed dresses, fringed bags, chic linen shirts, and accessories for both men and women.
drips.ai Analysis
Based on the Google Trends data, Loewe has been experiencing a gradual increase in relative interest from September 2021 to March 2023. This is indicative of heightened interest in the brand, which remains a popular search term in recent years. The associated search terms show that consumers are interested in both Loewe's fashion accessories and leather goods. The popularity of fashion show videos and product reviews on YouTube indicates a strong online presence and engagement with the brand. The CPC and competition scores suggest that Loewe's digital marketing strategies are carefully targeted and planned. All of these factors together suggest a positive outlook for Loewe's future, with continued growth and success in terms of brand recognition and product sales.