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What is "Grammarly"?
Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistant that checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and other mistakes in English writing. It can be used for free and provides feedback on common errors. There is also a premium subscription service that provides more advanced features for professional writers. Grammarly uses artificial intelligence to suggest appropriate replacements for identified errors and can also detect plagiarism. It has a mobile app called the Grammarly keyboard for corrections when texting or writing on other apps. There are also many Grammarly alternatives available in the market. Analysis
The relative interest in Grammarly has been consistently high in 2022, reaching a peak in November. Related trends and associated search terms also show interest in grammar checking and productivity tools like Quillbot and Wordtune. There is a low competition index for these terms, indicating a potential opportunity for growth. The popular Youtube videos on Grammarly suggest a growing interest in using the program for writing improvement, particularly in academic and professional settings. These metrics and trends suggest a promising future for Grammarly and related tools in language and writing improvement technologies.