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What is "Discord"?
Discord is a popular VoIP and instant messaging platform that allows users to communicate through voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files in private chats or servers. It is used by hundreds of millions of users to connect with friends, game communities, and developers. The platform has a minimum age requirement of 13 due to its open chat and user-generated content, and Common Sense Media recommends that users be at least 13 to use it. While there is the potential for inappropriate content, users can belong to groups that forbid it. Discord is available on both the App Store and Google Play.
drips.ai Analysis
The search volume for Discord has remained consistently high over the past few years, with a current monthly volume of 6.12 million. The platform has a wide range of associated search terms and categories, from gaming to messaging. The popularity of Discord has spiked in the past year, with a high of 100 on Google Trends in March 2022. Gamers and content creators, in particular, are drawn to the platform for its versatile communication capabilities. However, there is potential for inappropriate content, which the platform tries to regulate. With its continued popularity and widespread usage, it is likely that Discord will remain a key player in the communication and gaming industries in the years to come.