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Shape Trends

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Shape is a category that's all about...well, shape. It's about understanding the different forms and configurations that things can take, from physical shapes to abstract concepts. At its core, shape is about exploring the different ways that things can be structured and the impact that has on their functionality and appearance. Looking at the trends in this category, we can see a few clear themes emerging. On one hand, we have trends around data modeling and digital data that speak to the importance of structure in the digital age. These trends highlight the need to think carefully about how we shape and organize data, to ensure that it's functional and useful in the broader digital landscape. On the other hand, we have trends around more abstract concepts like flow state and proven processes. These trends speak to the importance of shaping our experiences and workflows in more nuanced ways, focusing on the structures and processes that help us get into a state of flow and perform at our best. Overall, it's clear that shape is a category that's all about structure and form, and the ways in which they impact our lives and work. Whether we're shaping our data, our processes, or our own mental states, understanding the impact of structure and form is key to success in today's world.

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