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Reading Trends

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Reading, that antique practice of staring at ink squiggles on paper until you hallucinate a story in your head, is still alive and kicking. But what are people actually reading about these days? Well, apparently they're interested in things like finding more resources for their literary journeys, improving their reading habits, and exploring the vast world of manhwa (which is like manga's lesser-known cousin). Plus, there's a whole subset of readers who are into building their knowledge on a particular topic, whether it's health or databricks (which I'm pretty sure is a made-up word but don't quote me on that). And don't forget about the folks who just want a clear purpose in their reading choices, or who are trying to develop better habits while they read. So if you think reading is dead, these trends prove otherwise - there's a whole world of words out there just waiting to be devoured.

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