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Pandemic Trends

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Pandemic - a word that used to only exist in dystopian novels and zombie movies, but is now unfortunately part of our everyday vocabulary. This category is a reflection of the societal changes that have occurred due to the ongoing pandemic (we don't need to mention which one, we all know). The trends in this category showcase the common challenges faced by individuals and organizations worldwide, from labor shortages and remote work to disinformation and mental wellness. It's the oh-so-lovely combination of unpredictability, uncertainty, and the human inability to resist googling everything. These trends serve as reminders that we are all in this together, trying to find solutions to problems beyond our control, and sometimes taking a step back to focus on our own well-being in the process. In short, the "Pandemic" category is a testament to the fact that even though we're all struggling in different ways, we're still finding ways to laugh at our new reality and move forward.

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