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Interest Trends

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Interest is the category reserved for those trends that people are keen to know more about, and are willing to invest their time and, sometimes, money. This category is filled with topics and products that pique the public's interest in exploring alternatives to traditional investment options. From real assets that offer greater stability to digital assets that can be a part of a diversified portfolio, this category explores the spectrum of investment possibilities. The list even includes modern approaches to financing, such as neobanks and modern treasury tools. For those who are looking for secure investment options, interest rates are always a hot topic, as is market liquidity, which is a reflection of investor confidence. This category is not limited to the underlying assets but also includes the services that make investing more accessible, such as lending and mortgage solutions. With the introduction of new income streams, like stablecoins and zero marginal costs, investors are looking to explore new frontiers. All in all, the Interest category is all about capitalizing on new opportunities, diversifying portfolios, and using modern financial products and services to make the most of one's money.

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