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Demand Trends

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Demand is the category where you will find the buzz around products, services, and concepts that people can't stop talking about. It is where you can catch the pulse of what people want, need and aspire for. A deeper analysis of the trends shows that customers are looking for more options and behaviours are changing to suit new realities. This is leading to unpredictable patterns of increased demand for some products and labour shortages in others. Subscription business models are gaining traction, and the factors of production are being explored to maximize economic surplus. At the same time, global forces such as inflation and economic problems are shaping the demand for goods and services. Web development and full-stack development are the skills in-demand in the tech industry, while remote developer jobs are gaining popularity. The trend towards print-on-demand reflects the need for customization and personalization, while health products appeal to those seeking wellness. This category is about following what people want and where the market is heading, and positioning yourself accordingly.

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