About Us

Our platform is meticulously engineered to sift through vast oceans of data, extracting not just trends, but the very pulse of market demand. In today's fast-moving internet age, we believe that the key to successful entrepreneurship lies in the ability to not only identify but also understand and anticipate the needs and desires of the market. Our tools are designed to give users this critical edge.

What People Care About


In a now famous article, Justin Jackson likens business to surfing - suggesting the importance of choosing the right wave, or in this context, the right market. Just as a surfer must carefully select a wave that matches their skill and potential for an exhilarating ride, entrepreneurs must identify a market that aligns with their product's potential and their ability to capitalize on it. In the business realm, this means finding a group of people ready and willing to spend on a specific product or solution category.

DripsAI offers a unique blend of features that directly address the key components highlighted by Jackson for choosing the right market: current market value, growth rate, market reach, and competition. These components form the foundation of our data analysis, providing you with a comprehensive view of potential markets. Our platform is equipped to give you insights on the number of potential customers, their spending habits, and the frequency of their purchases, helping you understand the current value and potential growth of your chosen market.

Find Relevant Trends


Additionally, DripsAI's semantic search capabilities and in-depth research tools are particularly valuable in answering crucial questions that define your product's success. Questions like:

  1. What product will you build?
  2. Who wants this now?
  3. How much will they pay?
  4. How will you position your product for this audience?
  5. How will you reach them?
  6. What's the size of the economic opportunity?

...are all answered with our platform's deep dive into trends and key players in your chosen market. This extensive research will guide you in crafting a product that not only meets current demand but is also well-positioned for future growth.